Current and Past

Current (as of Jan. 2021)

  • Marina Barbargero Alvarez (Research Master Student, Nanophysics, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France). « Acoustic Response of Fluid Adsorption and Transport in Nanoporous Materials »

  • Kecheng Zeng (Visiting PhD Student, Tsinghua Univ.)  « Gas adsorption/separation using ionic liquids supported on nanoporous carbons »

  • Alexander Schlaich (2nd Postdoc) « Transport of Water in Soft Confining Environment »

  • Wanda Kellouai (PhD Student) « Gas separation in zeolite membranes: neutron scattering and molecular dynamics »

  • Sam Cohen (Visiting PhD Student, Univ. Maryland, USA) « Adsorption and Dynamics of Acetonitrile confined in Nanopores »


  • PhD Students

      Z. Zaafouri (IFPEN with D. Bauer)

      M. Chen (EMPA/ETH, Zurich with J. Carmeliet/D. Derome)

      I. C. M. Costa (IFPEN with C. Laroche et J. Perez-Pellitero)

      R. Bey (with C. Picard)

      D. Jin

      H. Getachew (U Montpellier with A. Ayral)

      L. Deliere (CEA with S. Topin, D. Farrusseng)

      P. Billemont (UMons, Belgique with G. De Weireld)

      M. Lepinay (St Micro with L. Broussous, A. Ayral)

      F. Villemot

      P. Bonnaud (with R. Pellenq)

      C. Abrioux (with F. Henn, G. Maurin)

      J. Dweik (with J. Palmeri)


  • Postdocs

       A. Schlaich (First postdoc, ANR TAMTAM)

       D. Mehlhorn (with F. Guenneau, A. Galarneau, Funding TOTAL)

       A. Obliger

       T. Lee

       P. Billemont (U Mons with G. De Weireld)

       L. Ngoc Ho (2nd postdoc)

       C. Bousige

       K. Falk

       G. Hantal

       A. Botan

       R. Hartkamp

       L. Ngoc Ho (1st postdoc)

       G. Ori

       P. Cazade